Original and effective Fundraising

Your Fundraising in 5 steps

Do you want to raise money for your camp, trip, club or association ?

Hand out the Pom de Pin free catalogues around you, collect requests and earn €3/pair for your fundraising.

How to proceed ?


Register your group on our website: youth groups, schools, classes, students, sports, associations, charity, NGO, choirs, ...


You will receive detailed email instructions. Within 8 days, your free catalogues (several/participant) will be delivered.


Circulate the catalogues around you: family, friends, neighbours, colleagues,...
Tell them why you are raising money. Everybody will find the idea creative and effective. Some might even help you.


Group your requests and place your order on our website. A €3/pair fundraising gift will automatically be calculated.
It is yours to keep for your good cause !


Within 5 working days, your parcel will be dispatched to the address of your choice.
It is up to you to distribute it.


You will be surprised by the results – Everyone wears socks !

No fees, no obligations. We will remain good friends even if you decide to abandon your fundraiser along the way.

Youth Organisations, Schools & Students, Clubs, Associations, …

Do you want to raise money with our socks?